Drywall Taping​​

Drywall taping workers renovation project in OshawaAlthough drywall taping isn’t the most difficult task, creating a smooth, seamless, even finish on the walls, takes an expert. This is where our drywall contractors come into play! We not only utilize the right techniques to make sure the drywall taping is done properly, but we also have the right tools in place to make sure your walls look as even and smooth as possible, when we are completed with the project.

Before we begin the taping process, we make sure the drywall mud is smooth and lump-free. If not, this can cause lumps to stick onto your walls, and this is the last thing we want. Using the right high-powered mixing bit, we can quickly smooth the mud. We use an all-purpose compound because it adheres well to the joints we’re covering with our drywall taping services. And, we use a topping compound for the topcoat, to create the smooth, even texture you want to see when your walls are taped. We take our time, avoid overlapping layers, and make sure we use the right smoothers and sanders to achieve the desired finishes.

Our team not only has the experience but the equipment and tools to perform this job quickly and efficiently. Call us for a quote today.

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