Soundproof project by oshawa drywall contractorsOur team can also install soundproofing drywall. We offer a wide range of soundproof drywall materials. These drywall materials help create a thicker barrier between rooms, so you don’t hear every little thing that’s going on between your apartment and your neighbors. We can also soundproof a room while we’re installing the drywall if you prefer a different type of sheetrock to be installed in your home.

In the process we’ll seal gaps in the rooms, fill empty studs and cavities with soundproof wall insulation, add green glue and additional layers of the drywall as needed, to create the quietest space possible. Depending on the approach you prefer our team to take, the time it will take us to complete these commercial or residential projects will vary. We can also use acoustic caulk to seal gaps so that this helps add a layer of soundproofing.

It’s important to note that there is no way to soundproof a room 100%. However, with the supplies we use, and our techniques, we guarantee a much quieter room and lower levels of sound transfer, between the rooms we’re working in, in your home or office. Give us a call to learn more about our soundproof drywall options, or to discuss the techniques we can implement to help create soundproof barriers in the room when you would like us to install new drywall in your home or office.

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