Wall & Ceiling Repair​​

Ceiling Repair by Oshawa Drywall Pro teamOur team of contractors can handle general wall and ceiling repairs. Do you want to have that old popcorn ceiling removed from your living room or dining room? Or, is there water damage which has caused patches to form on your walls? We know how to handle these jobs, and anything in between when you hire us for repair services. Our specialists utilize the right equipment to do the job. using sanders and drywall mud we can patch holes in walls. If you need us to remove the popcorn ceiling or repair it, we have the best equipment to do so.

There are many benefits you’ll realize when you choose to have professional drywall and ceiling repair work done. For starters, it’s an easy way to smooth out uneven surfaces. Or, if there are issues that have resulted from water damage to your property, general repair work can easily eliminate these issues. We can help restore your walls and ceilings so that they look brand new when we are finished with the job. We follow strict safety protocols when working in your Oshawa home or business, so you’ll never have to worry about us taking shortcuts to finish the job quickly either

Ready to have repair work done? Or do you just need a quote for ceiling damage repair in one room of your home? Don’t hesitate to give our Oshawa offices a call and we’ll schedule a consultation to provide you with a detailed service quote.

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